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Brewery & Taproom

Brew Practitioners is the stuff of the American dream. It is a majority women-owned entity and all of the practitioners come from diverse walks of life, culturally and geographically. We are a group of professionals and best of all, a group of long-time friends. Combined, we have decades of business experience: operational and service, engineering, finance; law and agriculture. We are Jills and Jacks of many trades; but our common bond – is beer.

As friends we talked, planned, brewed and researched (heavily – especially at Oktoberfest) for years. However, after our visit to Munich for Oktoberfest in 2014, we were ready to jump right in – there is just too much happiness in a beer garden to not own one! It was unanimous, the time for daydreaming was over. It was game time. It is time to practice.

Our philosophy about beer is simple. No beer names that leave you wondering what beer it is that you just ordered. No ingredients that make you ask, “Should anyone be drinking that?” We just want to brew good, balanced, drinkable beer. We have been drinking it a long time now just to get it right so we can serve it to you!

What we lack in size, we more than make up for with personality! Yes, we are small and that is the way we like it. Our 3 BBL Electric Brewery system is efficient, high-tech, environmentally friendly and it makes dang good beer (with some help from the brewers of course).  Additionally, as much as practicable, we are sourcing local. From ingredients, to equipment, to the truly talented gents with the skills that helped us up fit the building, and to our future beer tenders and brewers. We are proud to bring local, artistic beer to our community.

In the beginning, there was just beer. Drinkable beer.

White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown, and Black

Our Beer

Drinkability is our priority.

Brew Practitioners focuses on brewing classic drinkable beer; using regionally sourced ingredients while utilizing processes that will produce quality results, consistently. No funky ingredients, no crazy names, Just GOOD BALANCED beer. Not to say that our practice won’t venture off some time or another, so as to create a special treat for our beer connoisseurs. But for now, we are practicing the art of brewing what we consider the American Classics. This is because we believe we should master brewing these classics before we get creative and venture into the wild; and practice makes perfect.


We intend to produce quality classic beer in a consistent manner.

Brew Practitioners’ Brewing Process: We have incorporated brewing procedures, garnered from industry best practices, to ensure that our brewers do the same dance that creates the beers you have (or will) come to love each and every time. This includes making sure that our raw ingredients are materially the same during each brew session. It is important to us that each step in the brewing process is executed properly and to the best of the brewer’s ability. We do this because our beer is bad ass and it needs to stay that way. We intend to serve a consistent product. A consistently good beer.  

Brew Practitioners’ Ingredients:  Using quality materials also enables us to provide consistently good beer. We intend to use the freshest ingredients practicable. We source our grains at least regionally and mostly local. Thus, our grains will not be sitting on a truck for hundreds of miles waiting to become beer. Additionally, because we are a small brewery, we buy our ingredients and promptly use them; so they don’t sit around the brewery waiting to become beer either. Just like a local baker our product turns around fast; and like a baker we are proud of our product and only want to put the best ingredients in it!

Stop and smell the hops.

Come drink a beer. Sit on the patio. Belly up to the bar. Occasionally there may be a WALK OFF; or wear your cut-off jean shorts and see if you can “go low!” However, no STREAKIN’ THROUGH THE QUAD, until after you have paid your tab!  If all else fails, come drink a beer and make fun of our beer tender. Nor worries here either, she is used to it. Everyone else does it!


Western Massachusetts Brewery in Northampton