Location: Fishers, IN

Brew Background: I started enjoying craft beers early on (at the legal age of 21 of course!) and really got into learning about the brewing process and different styles of beer from my dad. I have yet to brew on my own but hope to one day! 

Favorite Brew Style: I have an all-over-the place taste for brews. I'll pretty much try anything and will more than likely have more than one. I love trying different beers and will drink depending on my mood. For example, for me… Pale Ale = "relax/unwind" IPA = "party time" (my sister and I get into trouble with IPAs [😊]  I lean toward lighter beers but that doesn't mean that a strong stout won't catch my eye once in awhile! 

Go-to Brew: When in doubt, Sun King's Wee-mac (Indianapolis, IN) never disappoints! It's an English Brown Ale with rich undertones. Not hoppy at all and just a good smooth brew. 

Flavor of the Week:  Bell's Oberon (Kalamazoo, MI) - a seasonal beer so I enjoy when it's available! I'm just really into seasonal beers - specifically anything pumpkin/cinnamon in the fall is THE BOMB! 



What do I do here? Stuff. I am a Practitioner; Brew-tender; General Manager and Assistant Brewer. I wear many hats. I also probably have to clean the bathrooms – so be careful in there. I cannot list entirely what I do, but the gist is this: I build stuff and break some stuff too. If it is in the brewery I probably repainted it, maybe twice. I am currently banned from using power tools and from carrying ladders – so I don’t do those things anymore. I brew only occasionally, because our brewer is a control freak. But the more you come in – the more he will need my help. However, I have a master palette, so I am the shrewd taster – which is a good thing for us. I also have to do the administrative boring stuff, because no one else will do it.

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana (Beech Grove); now calling the great Western Massachusetts City of Hadley/Northampton/Florence home!

Brew Background: Had my first craft brew more than 15 years ago at Rock Bottom Brewery in Indianapolis, Indiana, where I was introduced to the art of craft brewing and learned the love of beer. Oatmeal Stout has been my go-to beer ever since! I have been assisting with home brews for about ten years and brewed my first beer six years ago. Now, I am fully enmeshed. I love the study of brewing and am the nerd of the operation. I love coming up with solutions to problems and new ideas for classic brews (without being contradictory). Some brewers love the dance – I love the books.

Favorite Brew: I am moody. So the desire for certain beer changes every couple of years, whether I like it or not (with the exception of stouts which I have never tired of, so far). Now, I demand a full-flavored medium body brew with a smooth finish. Balanced. It must be graceful from beginning to end. Nothing abrupt. No shock. If the beer has those attributes, I like it. Doesn’t matter if it is a considered a brown, stout, red or pale. RIGHT NOW - I get excited when I see a California Common on tap and even happier when it is actually a good one! Just a hint – I am working on a recipe for one of these. I cannot wait. You will love it.

Go-to Brew: Depends. Hot outside? Am I on a patio? American Amber. Am I bellied up? Stout. Am I super thirsty cause I walked up 5 flights of stairs to get to the brewery? Cider. Cold dry Cider. Followed by a Stout.

Flavor of the Week: (What local brew you're currently into) Well, Brew Practitioners’ Black, of course. It is my recipe and it is good. Or the Red. That is mine too – so I may be a little biased. J As soon as the Common is on – that will be my favorite. Question, what color is a common anyway?

Claim to Fame: I might be the clumsiest person you will ever meet – but, I have a good sense of humor – so it is all good.


Official Taster and Drinker

Location: Brownsburg, IN

Brew Background: Starting brewing with my dad and then Bart - they like to call me their "assistant" brewer

Favorite Brew Style: Pale Ales. Good classic brews with clean, crisp, hoppy notes. I love a refreshing beer that is alittle dry and bitter- a feel good beer you can drink all day! IPA's are always at the top of my list too- just have to pace myself with them :)

Go-to Brew: Rocky Ripple Pale Ale - Thr3e Wise Men 

Flavor of the Week:

Cannonball Pale Ale from a new brewery called Wabash Brewing in Indianapolis, IN. This beer is pretty hoppy for an APA, but has strong notes of grapefruit to balance out the bitterness. Brewery just opened in January 2015 within an industrial park on the north side of Indy. They are pretty small right now, but their beer is gaining popularity fast. Their theme is based around all around the history of the Wabash River and they associate all their beer names to it. Beer is all refreshing, clean, and noteworthy - we've been going back regularly! Plus, they have free popcorn ;)

       Dale            Chief Tasting officer

Dale is the Chief Tasting Officer for Brew Practitioners.  This is my self-appointed role!  I have vast experience with tasting really, really crappy beer and the pleasure of brewing and tasting some of the finest beer  in the world.   I am also well known for my wit, wisdom , and wild.  the triple W impact…


The Brewer

Taproom Hours:

Monday-Wednesday - Closed

Thursday - Open 4PM-9PM

Friday - Open 4PM - 9PM

Saturday -Open 1PM - 9PM

Sunday - Open 1PM - 5PM

Our Brewer is an American hero who likes to brew fast.  "If you aint first, you are last." You know what I am sayin? He is just a big hairy brewing machine.

He prays to The Baby Jesus, something everyone should do.  Budweiser drinkers hate our Brewer  because he prays and they are godless Budweiser drinkers. They also hate him because he is a winner, and Budweiser drinkers automatically hate someone who wins all the time.

Sometimes, when he brews, he brews with a cougar in the brewery. That is why we have a cage. Come look, you'll see.

Our Brewer has a smokin' hot wife.

When He is not brewing, he is getting kicked out of Applebees which is OK because they have sucky Budweiser beer.

Did that blow your mind because that just happened!

Brewery & Taproom

       Stew            The most interesting man at the Brewery

He gave his Father… "The Talk"

Once a rattlesnake bit him, after 5 days of excruciating pain…the snake finally died

He can speak Russian… in French

Superman has pajamas… with his logo

He once won a staring contest… with his own reflection

He can kill two stones… with one bird

He lives vicariously… through himself

He is allowed to talk about… the fight club

He once won the world series of poker… using UNO cards

If opportunity knocks, and he's not at home… opportunity waits

When he goes to Spain…he chases the bulls

His cereal never gets soggy. It sits there, staying crispy, just for him

Even his tree houses have fully finished basements

He drinks often and when he does, it is at Brew Practitioners


Director of Human Beersources


Long-Distance Practitioner

Location:  Zionsville, IN

Brew Background:  Never really enjoyed beer until the wonderful world of craft beer was opened up to me (angels singing...).  My husband began brewing several years ago under the guidance of our head brewer, and I am fascinated by the process.  I mostly observe, and help when needed.  I am always ready to offer my opinion on the finished product!  It is not, however, always appreciated!

Favorite Brew Style:  Nope, can't pick a favorite.  I love to try all different types of brews (this is why flights are such a great idea!) and I enjoy almost everything, from a golden ale to wheat, stout, and porter.

Go-to Brew:  I always enjoy a scotch ale - slightly sweet and very smooth.  Triton Brewing Co. (Indianapolis, IN) has a good one called McQueenie's Scotch Ale.

Flavor of the Week:  since it's summertime, my current pick is Hook-up Shandy from Tow Yard Brewing Co. (Indianapolis, IN)  It's a blend of their Golden Ale and a citrus soda.  I love that it's only 4% abv, so I can enjoy more of it!